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  • Can I use the RTV to stick the pad on if it won't stick?
    No, the adhesive included is an aluminum heat resistant silicone that only goes around the edges so that no debris or oils get underneath the pad. This will not conduct the heat properly through the foil layer.
  • Can I install this myself, or do I need an A & P to install?
    You can install it yourself! There is no Form 337 required, since it doesn't operate during flight, and it is less than 1 lb.
  • Can I remove my E-Z Heat pad and reuse it?
    Since they are a permanent pad, they can not be reused. Once the built -in adhesive is removed, it can not be replaced.
  • What temperatures does the thermostat come on and off at?
    The thermostat will come on when your oil reaches 120F and go off at 165F
  • Do E-Z Heats have a warranty?
    Yes. They have a 3 year warranty! As long as it was installed correctly, you can return your pad to us and we will ship you a new one at no charge! Make an entry in your logbook upon installation, or save your receipt for proof of warranty.
  • Can I leave my E-Z heat pad plugged in overnight?
    Most of our E-Z Heat pads come with a thermostat which allows you to keep them plugged in continuously, as long as you fly a couple times a month. The thermostat will come on at 120F and go off at 165F. Therefore it will keep your oil between these two temperatures at all times. The pads that do not come with a thermostat are the 154, 156, 912, and 9.U. These pads do allow you to leave them plugged in overnight without a problem but not more than 24 hours.
  • Can I cut or bend the pad if it doesn't fit?
    No. There are heating elements throughout the pad. If any get broken, it will cause the pad to fail.
  • Can I install this in the cold?
    Yes, but please follow the Cold Weather Installation Instructions included with your pad. Warm up your sump either by running the engine or with a heat source. Plug in the pad for no more than 5 seconds. It will get very hot to the touch right away. This activates the adhesive to make it easier to stick down. Make sure you either hold it down or prop it with something to hold it down for at least 15 minutes. This will insure proper attachment.
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