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Owner of E-Z Heat

E-Z Heat was started in 1984. I had a Piper Cherokee 180 and flew back and forth from northern Wisconsin and NW Iowa for work quite often and needed an engine heater to get it started.  Well, just after graduating college from the University of Wisconsin in engineering product development, I did not have a lot of money to buy the current type of aircraft engine heaters.  They heated only the upper part of the engine anyway.  So I started making various types of heaters that went in the bottom of the engine and heated the entire engine.  Basic physics, heat rises, and came up with the E-Z Heat system.  It attaches on the bottom of the engine via a 3M peel and stick adhesive, and is thermostatically controlled at 165 degrees F.   In 3 to 5 hours the whole engine is nice and warm, even if its -30 outside. Then I went out and got it FAA approved and listed with CSA and UL.   The E-Z Heat system could be built and marketed for less than half of the other current heaters and did a much better job heating the engine properly.  Since the introduction of the system, E-Z Heat has sold more aircraft engine heaters than all it's competitors combined.  We offer the best warranty in the business and best customer service available also.

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